May 23, 2024
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When we first got Bella she was this small defenseless creature. The older she got the wilder she got.

Clingy is her middle name

Bella didn’t like being alone and always had to be by your side at all times. There was no going to the bathroom alone. No showering alone. Yes, she will get in with you.

Bella smiling

Even working from home, Bella will stay close by. But once you leave her eyesight she will start crying and whining.

Never tell her NO

Never tell Bella no. She does not like that word and she will act out. What I mean by this depends on what is close by. I once told her no she couldn’t have any of my food. So she chewed on my laptop charging cord. destroying it.

She’s Just a Baby

Everyone knows that having dogs is like having children. Some dogs are just more active than others. No matter if Bella is being all hyper, acting out, or being all sweet, she’s still a baby.